House Rules is a battle royale card game where you fight your friends with whatever you can get your hands on, all the while you and your opponents change and evolve the rules of the engagement.

There are three kinds of cards at your disposal:

  • Weapons - Attack other players, or place them down front of you for defense.
  • Rules - Change the flow of the game, tip the scales in your favor, or make the game more chaotic.
  • Special actions - Give you an edge against your opponents, and help you out in a pinch.

Attack other players to whittle down their defenses! During an attack, the weapon with equal or higher value wins the battle. If a player is attacked when they don't have any defense cards in front of them, they are out of the running to be the winner of the game.

Change the rules to shake things up! The rules included in the game are a mix of rules that change up how the game is played, impact the strength of attacks/defenses, and rules that are just for trolling your opponents.

Write all over the included blank rules and weapon cards to make every game unique! Create new rules that get voted on by all players, so play to your audience.