Mechanically Speaking

Hey doods and ladies,

Here be blog post the third! Today we talk a little bit about the mechanics of combat. If you didn’t catch the new video detailing how to play, check it out first as there is a lot of good info in there. Behold!

A lot of the inspiration for House Rules combat system is derived from collectable card games (CCGs for short). House Rules is a tempo game, meaning that the game is designed for things to be fluid and swing as the players take actions.


The balance of House Rules revolves around the risk/reward of how you choose your defenses. I wanted players to be able to make choices about how to approach every round given the cards they have in hand and have some light tactics about how to score the most points.


 So let’s look at a few different playstyles common to CCGS.


Agro or Aggressive:

  • In this style, the player uses a fast playstyle to try to beat their opponent in as few turns as possible with cheap cards in order to win.

  • Players that get a couple small and large cards in their hands may want to use this strategy, playing small defenses in order to ensure you can take your turn to clash.



  • The goal of this style is to survive as long as possible and to control the game in order to run their opponents out of resources.

  • Players who get a handful of big cards may want to play a control game playing high defenses to discourage getting attacked, and then making a push at the end of the round when all the other players have passed.



  • A combo style utilizes several cards in concert in order to develop a large spike in power that will usually overwhelm the other players and win the game.

  • If you draw a hand with one or more special action cards, this might be the game plan for you. Time your actions wisely and disrupt the game plans of the other players.



  • A midrange strategy typically consists of splitting the difference between agro and control decks; the win condition for the player is to survive Agro or be threatening enough to beat the Control playstyle.

  • Got a hand full of medium strength weapons? Time to mess with the Agro and Control players!


These basics give you the player some agency in how to approach each round, but keep in mind that you also have a rule card to help you out in whatever strategy you decide!