The Game Crafter Gamers Remorse Contest!

Hidey Ho!

Right now The Game Crafter is hosting a contest for card games, and House Rules is in the running! If you have 5 minutes or so, please go to their site and vote for House Rules.

In order to do this, you first need some of the site's currency, "Crafter Points", but no worries! I'm going to set up an art test for House Rules, where you can give me feedback on the game art, and in turn get some crafter points so that you can vote! Both things can really help me out.

First, go to the site and create an account at The Game Crafter

Next, click Art Tests and give feedback on the art up there. It may be House Rules art, but give some good feedback to people even if it isnt mine =)


Last, go to the Contest Page and vote for House Rules, and whatever other game you think looks good!

That's it!

I'm also opening up the store page to buy the game while the contest is running, so if you to get a copy feel free. I'm selling them at cost for the time being, so if you grab one let me know! I'd love to get some game feedback and hear what you think! If you leave a review on the page for me, even better.