The sequel to the calm before the launch


December may have been an ambitious goal to launch the House Rules Kickstarter, but it really got my ass in gear getting stuff done. December was a hectic month; besides the usual Christmas holiday hustle and bustle, I got married =)

Things still got done though!

Unfortunately timing didn’t work out getting some stuff completed as fast as I would have liked, which is totally fine. To all the reader of this blog, sorry! I updated the game trailer to include a link at the end to sign up for email updates. I’m going to send everyone a notice when the Kickstarter is fully operational.

  • Cover art for the box!

Literally got this one in last night:


I’m excited! Which for me, is a big deal. It looks so good, and I’m super happy with all the work that my artist Vella has helped me with in the game. I still need to put the box design together, but really think the fight cloud theme helps communicate what the game is all about.

  • Final quote from the printers!

The quote came in on budget, and it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg to get the Kickstarter bonuses that I have in mind. Pretty sure I’m going to go with Ad Magic. I’ve heard great things about them, and have been very easy to work with so far. Thanks so much Brooke!

  • The Kickstarter bonuses!

I got some of the bonuses in the mail and they are looking fly:


The pens and microfiber erasers work great.

  • The Kickstarter page itself

The page has had a lot of work put into it, and I hope it shows. It still needs a little color, and I’m going to be filming the video soon. It’s been a few late nights and long days getting it to this point, but it needs a little more polish before unleashing it.

I’ve made a few mistakes by trickling out game stuff before it’s ready, and I want to make double sure that it’s going to be the best possible campaign I can muster. I know that you can also make the opposite mistake and not releasing something until it’s ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY READY, but the page will be up one way or another.

This whole process has been educational. There has been many times where I think the game is done, and within a week have a new great idea to incorporate into the game whether that be via testing sessions or just a muse before I fall asleep.

It’s done. It’s done. I’m really proud of it, but now comes the time for other people to decide as well. If I’ve done my job right as a designer, it will be no problem getting it funded and printed. If not, there is always plan B.